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Ancient Rome
First Section Test
Grade 6

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For our students: This is not your actual test. It's a practice test.

Matching: Write the letter of the sentence that most matches the vocabulary term on your answer sheet.

1. Monarchy

A. Where people elect others to run the country.

2. Oligarchy

B. Where one person, usually a king, rules the country.

3. Democracy

C. The type of government Cicero wanted for Rome.

4. Representative   

D. Where a group of people, usually the nobility or upper class rule the country.

5. Combined

E. Where everybody participates in ruling the country.

True or False:
Write A for true and B for False on your answer sheet.

6. The story "Horatius at the Bridge", demonstrates that Romans wanted their soldiers to be stupid.

7. The Po river runs through Rome.

8. Romulus and Remus were sons of the God of War Mars.

9. Remus was the founder of Rome and named it after his brother.

10. Romulus killed his brother Remus.

11. In Rome women could become citizens.

12. Everyone born in Rome was a Roman citizen.

13. The Romans did not keep slaves.

14. Tarquinius was the last king of Rome.

15. Rome always had a king.

Multiple choice:
Choose the most correct answer. Write the letter of that answer on your answer sheet.

16. The story "Brutus and his sons", shows that Romans valued what in their soldiers?

  • a. cowardice

  • b. ignorance

  • c. tyranny

  • d. loyalty

  • e. all the above

17. Rome was founded on Palatine hill because,

  • a. the surrounding hills gave it protection

  • b. there was flat land nearby to grow crops

  • c. the Tiber river provided water for drinking and irrigation

  • d. the Tiber river gave access to the sea.

  • e. all the above

18. The idea that Trojans founded Rome is.

  • a. historical fact

  • b. part of the legend of Rome's founding

  • c. an archeological fact

  • d. a myth written by Homer

  • e. none of the above

19. Geographically Italy is

  • a. a peninsula

  • b. an island

  • c. a river

  • d. a continent

  • e. in North America

20. To take over the area around Rome, the Etruscans conquered ________.

  • a. The Greeks

  • b. The Macedonians

  • c. The Latins

  • d. The Huns

  • e. The Lithuanians

21. Cicero believed in what type of Government.

  • a. A Monarchy

  • b. A Democracy

  • c. An Oligarchy

  • d. A dictatorship

  • e. A combination of a, b, and c.

22. Romulus and Remus were,

  • a. Friends of Beavis and Butthead

  • b. The sons of Brutus

  • c. The soldiers who stood with Horatius

  • d. The gods of the Etruscans

  • e. Sons of the Roman god of war

23. April 21, 753 B.C. is important to the Romans because,

  • a. It was the date Horatius defended the bridge across the Tiber.

  • b. It was the date Brutus ordered the execution of his sons

  • c. It was the date Romans give as the founding date of Rome

  • d. It was the date when Tarquinius was removed as king of Rome.

  • e. None of the above.

24. What type of food did Romans eat.

  • a. Cheese

  • b. Fruit

  • c. Bread (from wheat)

  • d. Chicken

  • e. All the above.

25. Romulus was named king of Rome instead of Remus because.

  • a. He was the only son of Aeneas

  • b. He knew how to use a plow

  • c. He was raised by a she-wolf

  • d. He had twelve vultures fly over his head

  • e. He could float in a basket down the Tiber river.

Match the following legend to the moral value the Romans were trying to instill in their citizens.

26. Romulus and Remus A. Rome had the best government
27. Horatius at the Bridge B. Roman law was fair
28. What Cicero said about government C. Rome had divine origins
29. Brutus and his sons D. Roman soldiers were brave

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