Welcome to Ancient India! Did kids go to school? Did they play with toys? What did they wear? Explore daily life in the mysterious Indus Valley, in Ayran times, and in the Gupta Empire. Learn about Hinduism. Read ancient stories, play games!

Ancient India for Kids

2600 BCE: Archaeologists have found ruins of the ancient Indus Valley Civilization. What they found was odd. For one thing, the houses in each town were remarkable similar in size and design. What archaeologists have not found is a palace-size residence in any Indus Valley city. By 2600 BCE, dozens of towns and cities had been established. In each town, streets were straight. Women wore lipstick. Houses had bathrooms with running water.

1500 BCE: The Aryans were warriors. Aryan clans rode in from the north, conquered the locals, and settled down. Each clan was ruled by a hereditary chief. The chief made the decisions, but only after hearing from the rest of the tribe. Once the chief made a decision, everyone had to obey. We know about these people from their oral stories, spoken and sung, handed down for generations.

320-550 CE: During the Gupta Empire, India entered a "Golden Age", a time of peace and prosperity. People had religious freedom. Hinduism spread, and was clearly the preferred religion, but Buddhism flourished as well.  The empire provided simple health care for free. Writers, artists and musicians were paid to produce their art. 

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Ancient Mesopotamia / Ancient India
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