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Archaeology for Kids

Early Humans for Kids

Mesopotamia for Kids

Egypt for Kids

Greece for Kids

Rome for Kids

China for Kids

India for Kids

Mongols for Kids

Iron Age Celts for Kids

Vikings for Kids

The Middle Ages for Kids

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3 Teachings - Confucius, Taoism, Buddhism

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Mr. Donn's Ancient History Lesson Plans & Units

  1. Ancient Mesopotamia Unit

  2. Early & Classical Greece Units

  3. Ancient Greek Olympics Mini-Unit: A Simulation for the Classroom (3-5 days) with city-state backgrounds, and events

  4. Egypt Bingo Test review game

  5. Can you save the Roman Republic? Lesson Plan, Ancient Rome.

  6. First Unit Test: Ancient Rome

  7. Buddhist, Taoist, Confucianist, Legalist; how would each behave when faced with the same problems? Lesson Plan, Ancient China

  8. Debates on Censorship: (2-3 days) Qin (Ch'in) Dynasty, debate set in modern times. Lesson Plan, Ancient China

  9. Lesson Ideas (some ours, some emailed to us) Easy to implement and very creative.

Mrs. Donn's Ancient Civilizations for Kids

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"Your units are exactly what I had hoped for
--readable, interesting topics that fit my curriculum objectives
with lots of structured activities to bring it alive.
World History will be the class we all look forward to every day."

Always Something You Can Use Series - Ancient History UNITS