Daily Life in Ancient China for Kids 

The ancient Chinese invented paper, gunpowder, matches, the compass, a seismograph to measure earthquakes, the umbrella, and more! They created incredible philosophies, gorgeous art, and great legends. 

Even their money was neat. Coins had a hole in their center. There were not any banks, so people stored and kept their coins by running a string through the center. A thousand coins strung together was called a string of money.

Ancient China is a fascinating mix of extreme extravagance and extreme poverty. Explore daily life in 4 different Chinese dynasties, meet weird emperors like Hu the Tiger, read things written in BCE times, and learn about Taoism with Winnie-the-Pooh! 

For those in a hurry, just click on the Cheat Sheet, for a very quick look at 11,000 years of ancient Chinese history! Welcome to ancient China!


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